Yes, she's a Mukiga!

Kabasigyi-Bakahondo aka "K.B Mulera" is an African-Canadian creative who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Her parents immigrated to Canada in 1981 after being forced to flee their home country Uganda, due to civil unrest and a dictatorship government under Idi Amin. 

Although her parents came to Canada as young adults, they held onto their culture and did all that they could to teach Kabasigyi and her siblings about their identity and where they come from. 

This left an impact on Kabasigyi's life, where she often found herself holding onto her fathers words; "your name is beautiful, don't shorten it or change it. You are a queen and you are a Mukiga" whenever she felt rejected and wanted to hide her name and Ugandan identity. 


She is extremely grateful for how her parents influenced her love for being of African descent, but it wasn't until she was about 18 years old when she began experiencing severe depression, identity confusion and suicidal ideation.


After some time of self-doubt and fears to admit that she was struggling, she saw a therapist at her University and he informed her that her history may be impacting her present.


The therapist stated how growing up experiencing two conflicting cultures and dealing with racism can contribute to low self esteem and mental health issues.

Now, throughout her 30s, Kabasigyi wants to share her story and shed light on how a loss of identity, systemic racism and generational trauma can have an impact on ones mental, physical, and emotional health. She wants to change the narrative whereby people of African decent no longer feel the need to change their names, their culture, or their innate characteristics in order to "fit in" and be "accepted."


She aims to use her education, her creativity and her own story to inspire others to radically love the way that they were created, and to be free from oppressive and anti-African ideologies. 

"It's time for me to be free......respectfully."

- K.B Mulera

Rukiga 101


How to pronounce the name:




Language: Rukiga  


Kabasigyi-Bakahondo translated in English:


A sweet daughter of the Basigyi clan, who originates from Kahondo, Uganda.

Rukiga Lessons:

Mu = one

(A)ba = plural


Abasigyi people are from the Bakiga tribe.

Therefore, Kabasigyi is a Mukiga!

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It's not about race, it's about understanding a culture - Margaret Musisi